How PigeonBot works

PigeonBot uses the /email command to send emails via Slack. Here are some tips to help you get started:

✉️️ Email a teammate

/email @user Why isn’t this code working? ```<blink>hai</blank>```

✉️️ Email yourself

/email me Don’t forget the milk tomorrow.

✉️️ Email a regular ole email

/email [email protected] Greetings, earthling.

📧 Add a subject line (Optional)

/email @user (Subject line here) Are the cool ranch doritos at your desk?

📤👀 See your sent emails

/email sent

❓ See instructions

/email help

📒 See the change log

/email changelog

✉️️ Email support

/email support Hello there.
PigeonBot supports Slack formatting

Slack text formatting

Support for Slack’s text formatting. Tell your teammates how much you _love_ them. Or send them a ```code``` snippet, that works too.

Easily reply to PigeonBot emails

Reply via email

The sender’s email address will be used as the reply-to address. This makes replying via email super easy and keeps your conversation asynchronous.

Add PigeonBot to Slack